Provide Data Recovery Services For Professionals

Efficiently and conveniently restore all kinds of documents, audio, photos, video and other file data lost on various storage devices such as Mac computers, hard disk devices and more.

Directly solve various loss problems

Mistaken deletion, formatting, virus attack, operating system crash, system reinstallation, etc...

Recovery of various types of data

Document, folder, photo, audio, video and other types of file data...

Diversified device compatibility

Support the recovery of lost data on Mac local hard disk, mobile hard disk, USB storage, SD card and other storage devices...

UnCutData Recovery professional license for multipurpose use

After you buy UnCutData software license, it supports the recovery of files on different devices. You can not only restore the file data on your own devices, but also provide effective help to others to quickly recover lost files.

Free updates for lifetime without a second charge

Once UnCutData recovery software license is purchased, it can recover data with no limit to capacity without a second charge. Promise of free lifetime updates, no need to pay for new features again.

Technical Reference

Easily recover documents, photos, music, video and other files from macs, memory CARDS, HDDS, SSDS, external hard drives, USB drives, SD CARDS, digital cameras, ipods, etc.

Mac laptop/desktop
iPod / MP3 / MP4 player
Digital camera
SD card
CF/XD/MMC card
More and more
USB drive

System And Hardware Requirement

Operating System

• Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

• Windows Server 2016

• Windows Server 2012


• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2003

File System

• FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32)

• exFAT



• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2003


• at least with x86


• at least 128MB

Disk Space

• 32MB minimum space for UnCutData

Recovery Wizard installing

Check Tech Specification>>

Operation Process Is Safe And Easy To Understand

Even if you have never used data recovery software or you are a novice user, you can easily master the recovery operation of UnCutData Mac Data Recovery Professional , quickly restore lost files.

Secure, simple and ease to use

100% safe and clean, quick recovery of missing files

• Simple and easy to use, only three steps and detailed instructions for each step.
• After the scan, a files list is automatically generated. Users can quickly retrieve the files that need to be restored through file format, size and date.
• Strong guarantee of the security of raw data, and the whole recovery process is in read-only mode.
Powerful Recovery System

Restore any data type on various storage devices for you

• Not only for your Mac, but also for mobile hard disk, USB, SD card and other types of storage devices.
• The types of recoverable data include almost all types, documents, photos, audio, video, and more.
Cost-effective recovery software

A cost-effective data recovery tool ,deserves your purchase.

• Before you buy, you can preview the scan results of the files, find the files that need to be restored and pay for them.
• Powerful features, low price, the smartest choice to buy Mac Data Recovery Professional.
• 30-day money back guarantee to make you feel comfortable to use.

User Review


Mac Data Recovery Professional Array Data Recovery is awesome. ...

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