Windows Data Recovery Software With Superior Performance

Recovers almost all types of files, UnCutData Recovery Software for Windows Technician Edition, the most effective data recovery tool, allows you to quickly recover lost files from notebook computers, hard disks, external hard disks, servers, RAID, SD cards and other storage media . Technician edition can not only provide data recovery for individuals, but also meet the requirements of multiple equipment recovery.

Powerful Recovery Function

Perfect recovery of file data lost due to mistaken deletion, formatting, virus infection, partition loss and damage, operating system crash, etc.

Supports data recovery from PC, notebook computer, RAID, memory card, digital device, mobile hard disk and other storage devices.

Various types of recoverable files, such as photos, videos, music, documents, documents, folders and other data.

Provides two powerful data scan modes - quick scan and deep scan. Quick scan mode enables you to recover files quickly, while deep scan mode allows you to scan deeper files for recovery.

Visual browse before recovery

After the software disk scan, a list of files can be automatically displayed, which can be viewed and screened by clicking directly, and can be searched and filtered according to the name, size, date and other information of the files. Quick recovery can recover lost file data for you in the fastest way and save a lot of time. Deep recovery can take over subsequent scan when the target file is not found by quick recovery. It can retrieve files for you on a deeper level and recover lost data efficiently.

Concise and understandable operating steps

• UnCutData recovery can restore lost files for you in just three steps.
• Uses wizard interface, with detailed instructions for each step, making it easier for you to operate.
• The process is concise, giving you the best experience.

System And Hardware Requirement
Operating System

• Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

• Windows Server 2016

• Windows Server 2012

• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2003

File System

• FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32)

• exFAT



• ext2/ext3

• HFS+

• ReFS


• at least with x86


• at least 128MB

Disk Space

• 32MB minimum space for UnCutData
Recovery Wizard installing

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Windows Data Recovery Software Professional Edition Data recovery software for the professional computer technicians, UnCutData recovery software technician edition for Windows not only provides recovery services for technicians, but also provides more professional functions which can restore data for many devices.
Concise and safe process

Quick recovery of missing files under 100% safe and clean conditions.

• Simple and easy to use, with only three steps, and on every page there are detailed instructions for each step.

• After the scan, a list of files is automatically generated, and users can quickly retrieve the files that need to be restored through file format, size and date.

• Absolutely guarantee the security of the original file data, and the whole recovery is performed in read-only mode.

Flexible operation mode

The specific operation process has high flexibility and can satisfy various recovery needs of users.

• For all versions of Windows operating systems, recoverable files cover almost all types.

• Supports saving the results of this scan to use it next time.

• Quick recovery and deep recovery, two different recovery modes for you to choose from.

Superior cost-performance ratio

Low cost, super performance recovery software.

• Preview the target file before deciding whether to pay.

• As long as you buy it, it's free to update it for lifetime.

• Provide 30 days money back guarantee to protect consumers' rights and interests.

User Review


The UnCutData Recovery Technician Edition is really a cost-effective recovery tool! ....


I can not retrieve the files I want to recover by a lot of data recovery software. It really frustrates me....

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