What to do if all kinds of documents are lost or damaged? Now use the uncutdata professional computer recovery software!

Both Windows and Mac users can use this computer recovery software to safely and efficiently retrieve lost files from storage devices such as hard disks, USB disks, memory cards, and digital cameras. If you have computer files in different types, you can download this computer recovery software for free to do the recovery of many kinds of lost files, including Document, Photo, Video, Email, Audio and more. UnCutData Professional Computer Recovery Software is a good helper to find back your lost files in various situations!

Features And Advantages

Easy To Operate

The UnCutData Professional Computer Recovery Software uses a wizard-based interface while others require command-based operations. You only need to select according to the wizard prompts in the interface.

Comprehensive Recovery

UnCutData Professional Computer Recovery Software uses fast recovery and deep recovery, a combination of two reading modes, can effectively help you recover more than 200 types of files.

High Security

UnCutData Professional Computer Recovery Software uses a read-only mode. In any case, it is prioritized to ensure the security of the data on the storage device and it will never damage any files on the computer.


UnCutData professional computer recovery software provides a free trial version, and the VIP version will not limit the number of times to recover and the amount of data, and provide lifetime free upgrades and after-sales service.

Free Data Recovery Software For PC

• Support recovery of lost files in various situations
• Do not restrict any file type recovery
• Provide 200m free data recovery per computer
Download Operation Guide

Best Data Recovery Software For PC

• Support recovery of lost and damaged files in various devices
• There is no limit on recovery type and data size
• Provide free upgrade and after-sale service of lifelong software
Download Operation Guide

System And Hardware Requirement
Operating System

• Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

• Windows Server 2016

• Windows Server 2012

• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2003

File System

• FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32)

• exFAT



• ext2/ext3

• HFS+

• ReFS


• at least with x86


• at least 128MB

Disk Space

• 32MB minimum space for UnCutData
Recovery Wizard installing

User Comments


UnCutData is amazing. It only took me a few minutes to recover the data I deleted from the recycle bin. It was far more than I expected. I like it!


I was frustrated when my digital camera broke and all the pictures were gone, but UnCutdata really made me happy to find them back.

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