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Why can Lost Files be Recovered?

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Why can Lost Files be Recovered?

In daily life, we must deal with various files. And in various situations, users will often find that some file data are lost. We can see various problems the users meet in many forums.

"Suddenly I got a blue screen when I was using the computer. I haven't had time to save my files. I don't know any effective way to find the lost files."

"I don't have the habit of organizing computers, but the files becomes more and more and the computer is getting slower and slower. I accidentally deleted important folders while organizing. Of course I feel regret about it. I need to retrieve these files."

"My mobile hard disk was formatted because of some mistake. It caused my mobile hard disk to be completely lost. I wonder if there is a way to retrieve such a large number of files."

Reasons for losing files

There are many reasons for missing files. Let's first summarize the common reasons for file loss:

Deletion: Including deleting files by mistake, and permanently deleting by shift + delete.

Formatting: Including formatting the disk by mistake, formatting prompt of the device, and initializing the disk.

Partition error: including repartitioning by mistake, and the partition is hidden. Partition format becomes RAW.

System failure: including system crash, computer crash, computer black screen, computer blue screen.

Other reasons: Including virus attacks, reinstalling the system.

These are the most common reasons from the users feedback. But due to the sophisticated structure of the computer, there are some rare reasons that will not be included.

If these problems happen, there are a few users who already think that they can't get them back. It's a pity that these users will always lose the possibility of getting back the lost files. We hope that more people will understand the possibility of getting back the data.

Why can we retrieve lost files

How can you explain to your friends that the missing files can be retrieved? Let's see the reasons:

After a file is lost or accidentally deleted, it is not the complete destruction of the file. Instead, it is deleted from the primary partition table on the disk. So you can not find it temporarily. Imagine comparing the entire disk to a delicate brain. When the brain sends out the signal to delete or lose certain memories, we will be unable to think of them for a short time. But it has not been completely abandoned. When we try to remember, there is still a chance to retrieve this memory.

The principle of data recovery is the same. There are different ways we can try to “stimulate” the hard disk and “remember” the abandoned files. So how does it work? Imagine this is what many people want to know, here is a detailed description of how to perform the recovery operation.

How to get back lost files

A variety of different operation methods may be given on the Internet, but the experimental results of the operation is not ideal. And some methods cause permanent damage to the file and cannot be retrieved.

Everyone also has different understanding of computer operation. So that some computer technicians can perform complicated operation , and the computer novice can't perform complicated computer operations. In order to solve the most people's file loss problems and retrieve them. Here is the most simple and effective way to recover.

Regardless of your computer knowledge, you can use this UnCutData Recovery Free Software to help you recover your lost files. If you need such help, please follow the procedure below to recover your lost files.

Step 1: Start the software and select the type of lost files

Download and open UnCutData Recovery Free Software. What appears in front of you is the data format selection interface.

There are two lines of icons representing the file format in the interface. What you need to do at this time is to choose the data format corresponding to the contents of your lost folder. Here we take an example to show the recovery of all file types icon. Check the first icon from left of the first line.

After the check is completed, a small circle with a check mark will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the "Next" button at the right end, as shown below.

Step 2: Select the disk where the lost data was originally located

All the disks in your computer will be listed in the interface that appears at this time. The next thing you need to do is to select the disk where your lost files were originally located.

Example: You have saved a large number of files that were originally placed on drive D, then please select your drive D. After you select it, a small circle with a check mark will appear at the far right of the line of the disk name. You can click the "Scan" button on the top right to scan your D drive.

Auto Scan: Scan your disk

It takes a certain time to complete the scanning of the entire disk. The length of time is determined by the files stored on your D disk. The more complicated file type and the larger file size will take the longer scanning time. And the simpler file type and the smaller files will take the shorter time. It usually takes only ten seconds to complete the scan.

Step 3: Select your lost folder for recovery

After the scan is completed, you can browse all the files on your D drive through the left side bar of the interface.

You can find your lost folder by selecting files or opening folders one by one to find and select it, and then click the "Recover" button in the upper right corner.

We believe everyone has also seen the prompts on the software. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free provides you with two scanning methods, fast scan and deep scan.

Fast scan. The advantage of this scanning method is that it is fast and can save you a lot of time, but some deep files may not be scanned out.

If you don't find your lost folder during scanning, you don't need to worry. Deep scan will re-scan for you and find the deep target folder. But it takes a little longer, please be patient.

For complex types of files, we recommend that you perform a fast scan first and then a deep scan to achieve the best effect.

After the deep scan is completed, find your lost folder, select it and click the "Recover" button. And then all your lost folders will be returned to your computer, as shown below.

To prevent the original data from being damaged, it is not recommended that you restore the folder to the original disk. The D drive file can be saved to a disk other than the D drive. (Data from an external storage device such as a USB flash drive can be saved to a computer disk.)

Following the above operation, the lost files were recovered in just a few steps. Isn't it amazing?

If you are worrying about how to recover lost files, you can download UnCutData Recovery Free Software to help you. You can download the free trial version via the link to try it before you pay it. If you find it is effective, we hope you can recommend it to more people who need it to understand why we can recover lost files and get back lost files!

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