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Leaving Without Saving The Revised Documents In Word.How Can Find?

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Leaving Without Saving The Revised Documents In Word.How Can Find?

​In daily life, you may do something careless when using a computer. For example, you exit directly without saving the edited document. This is really a headache. So what should you do? Let's take Word as an example to show you how to retrieve documents that have not been saved (If you have deleted documents in your recycling station, you can have a check. If you have, you can directly recover some of the documents).

Solution 1: Restore documents by using Word automatic recovery function.

The first solution is that you can restore your documents through the system's auto- save function if your editing software has the function.

Take auto-save function in Word as an example to restore the unsaved documents. The steps are as follows:

1. Open your Word again. Click on the file option in the upper left. Enter the general software interface, as shown in Figure 1.

2. After entering the main interface, click the "Open" option in the left column, as shown in Figure 2.

3. At this time, all the documents you have recently edited appear on the right side. At the bottom of the right side, there is the option of "Restore Unsaved Documents". Please click here, as shown in Figure 3.

4. The document you edited last time will be shown on the interface. Then select the document, and click "Open" in the lower right corner, as shown in Figure 4.

Then the document is restored successfully, as shown in Figure 5.

However, if your editing software does not have auto-save function, unfortunately, you can not retrieve your documents in this way.

So at this time is there no hope? In fact, not at all. Please don’t worry. Now let's look at our next plan.

Solution 2: Uncatalogued Recovery Wizard Free, a free data recovery software, can help you recover unsaved Word documents.

If you want to restore documents that you left without saving, please find UnCatData Recovery Wizard Free, a free data recovery software, download and use it.

Let's take a specific example to show how to use UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free to restore documents.

Ms. Wang has got a headache about computer recently. Let's see what's going on.

'Recently, I have been addicted in the novel Son of Light written by Tangjiasanshao, a Chinese writer. I put it on the desktop and read seven or eight chapters every day after work. You Know it's very difficult to find the download address of Chinese novels. But I accidentally deleted it one day when I cleaned up my computer. I really feel bad. What should I do? '

Now, let's help Ms. Wang restore her favorite novel by the following detailed steps.

1. First step, you need to download the software through the given link (at the end of the article) and complete the installation according to the prompt. After entering the software, you will be prompted at the top of the interface to select the data format to be restored. The main interface has various data format options.

Please note that you need to carefully read the instructions and icons of each format, select and click on the document format to restore which is the second icon from the left of the first line.

When you select the icon, a small circle with a check in the middle appears in the lower right corner of the icon. Now, you can click the right button to the next step, as shown in Figure 6.

2. At this time, we have entered the disk interface to select the disk you want to restore. All the disks in your computer are listed on the main interface.

The novel was on the desktop before, so it is stored in the C disk. Then we choose the C disk. After the selection, a small circle with a check mark appears on the right of the disk. Then we click the scan button on the right end, as shown in Figure 7.

3. At this time, the software will scan the data you choose. The scanning time depends on the amount and format of the data, as shown in Figure 8.

Normally, there are about 2G files in the disk. You can complete the whole scanning process in one to two seconds. Please be patient.

4. After the scanning is completed, please click on the left of the main interface rank by rank until you find the novel you deleted by mistake. And then check it, as shown in Figure 9.

After setting up, click the Start Recovery button. Now you can restore your novel, as shown in Figure 10.

If it's not scanned, don't worry. Click on the "Deep Scan" button at the top to do a deep scan. But it will take a longer time. This is shown in Figure 11.

(Tip: In this operation guide, files are all stored and restored in C disk. But generally it is not recommended to put the restored files back on the original disk to avoid the original data being overwritten.)

By these steps, UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free can help you recover lost documents and solve your problems. You are not required to have any professional knowledge and skills. Even novices who do not have any experience in computer can expertly and easily recover documents by using this software which is easy to understand, convenient and professional.

It is not only useful for Word. The documents lost in various text editors such as WPS, Sublime Text, Notepad++ also can be quickly recovered by UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. You no longer have to worry about what to do when you lose the papers that you have worked on all night. And you can solve the problems about the preservation of documents issued by leaders.

And UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free supports quite a number of devices, such as PC/laptop, hard disk, external disk, SSD, USB driver, micro card, camera, digital camera, music player, video player, CF/SD card, Zip Drive, pen driver and so on. In a word, it is a powerful data recovery software that will never disappoint you.

If you want he specific download address, please click on the link below. We will provide you with the best services to make you feel comfortable and safe. Free beta version is also available now.


Now you should know how to retrieve the documents you left without saving them. If you think this article has come to the point and it is very helpful to you, just move your finger to forward or share it.

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