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My Friend Accidentally Deleted The Photos In My SLR Camera. Can I Get Them Back?

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My Friend Accidentally Deleted The Photos In My SLR Camera. Can I Get Them Back?

When we go out to play, we always like to take photos to record the scenery. Some people who pursue art prefer to take photos with professional SLR cameras. But when using the camera, sometimes we may carelessly delete the photos that you took laboriously. Such an accident can be very distressing.

"I am a photography enthusiast. I went on vacation with my friends some time ago and took many beautiful photos with my SLR camera. When we came back, I professionally processed the photos with my photography technology. But when I invited my friend to my home, my friend accidentally deleted the photos while looking over them. What should I do?"

Knowledge - Storage of SLR Cameras

The SLR camera can convert image signals into data files and store them on magnetic media storage devices or optical recording media. If we compare the SLR camera to the computer's host, the memory card of the SLR camera is equivalent to the hard disk of the computer, which plays the role of saving files.

In addition to recording image files, the memory of SLR camera can also record other types of files. By connecting with computer through USB, it becomes a mobile hard disk. Common storage media on the market are CF card, SD card, SM, memory stick and small hard disk.

If you are also using a SLR camera, have you ever encountered the problem of deleting photos by mistake? Don't worry, after reading the next content, all the difficulties will be solved.

Restore your precious photos by UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free, an integrated free data recovery software for different loss situations, only takes a few simple steps to perfectly retrieve the mistakenly deleted travel photos in the SLR camera for you.

Now let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free tell you how it can take the following steps to recover the travel photos that were mistakenly deleted in the SLR camera and solve your problems.

Step 1: Open the software to select the format of lost data

First, please take out the memory card of the SLR camera and insert it into the USB interface of the computer.

Then open UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free, and what you see is the data format selection interface.

There are two icons below for you to choose. When you need to select the file in image format, check the third icon from the left of the first line. Then a small circle with a check will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the "Next" button on the right, as shown in the figure below.

Step 2: Select the original location of the photo

What you need to do next is to select the disk where the lost data was originally located.

The memory card of the SLR camera is equivalent to a mobile hard disk, so please find the disk with the corresponding name and click on it. After selection, a small circle with a check will appear at the right end of the memory card name row. At this time, you can click the "scan" button on the upper right to scan the memory card of your SLR camera, as shown in the figure below.

Step 3: Scan the memory card

It takes a certain amount of time to complete the scanning of the entire memory card. The length of time is determined by the photos stored on your memory card. The larger total number of photos will take the longer scanning time. On the contrary, the smaller total number of photos will take the shorter time, as shown in the figure below.

Normally, if you have about 100M photos in your memory card, it takes only a few seconds to scan the whole memory card. Please wait patiently.

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free offers two scan modes. One is the quick scan currently under way, which can quickly restore files for you and save a lot of time, but may not scan deep files.

But you needn't worry. Another kind of deep scan provided by the software will help you solve the problem of not retrieving files, but it takes a little longer. The detailed operation of deep scan will be explained in the next step.

Step 4: Select the photo you lost to restore

After the scan, you can browse all the files in your memory card through the left column of the interface.

At this time, you need to browse the content in the scanned memory card, then find your lost photos and select them. Then click on the "Recovery" button in the upper right corner, as shown in the figure below.

If the scan can not find your lost photos, don't worry. At this time, please click the "deep scan" button in the yellow font at the top of the interface. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free will immediately run the deep scan for you. Please wait patiently again, as shown in the figure below.

After the deep scan find the lost photos, select and click the "Restore" button. Then your photos will return to you entirely, as shown in the figure below.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you run a quick scan first then a deep scan.

Through these simple steps, you can quickly solve your problems and retrieve your lost photos. The whole operation process is simple and clear. Even if you are a computer novice who is not familiar with computers or have never used any data recovery software, you can quickly start to operate.

Below is the official site link. If you are stuck with the loss of photos in SLR cameras, download it to help you. You can also download the free trial version to restore photos of 200MB .

Download links: https://www.uncutdata.com/download.html

This is the end of this guide. You must have known how to retrieve the lost photos from your SLR camera. If you think this article has solved your problem, you can share it with more people in need by forwarding the article.

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