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My Computer Hard Drive Suddenly Disappeared. How to Recover the Files Inside?

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My Computer Hard Drive Suddenly Disappeared. How to Recover the Files Inside?

We all know that files are stored in the computer. In fact, these files are stored in the hard disk of the computer. These hard disks have the storage space and the files are placed in different categories, but sometimes the hard disk suddenly disappears. The problem will not be displayed on the computer. It is confusing and make people worry about the missing files.

"I have been very distressed by the disappearance of the computer hard disk these days. I have prepared a lot of copywriting for the important promotional activities of the next week. I am habitually stored files in my D drive folder, but I wanted to re-create it a few days ago. When I checked it again, I couldn't find the D drive in my computer. I want to know how to restore the copy."

Why does the hard drive inexplicably "disappear"?

1. The system cannot find the hard disk or cannot recognize the hard disk after booting.

If the hard disk cannot be recognized by the system after booting, you may think that there is a problem with the compatibility mode of the hard disk. But for now, there is no problem that compatibility between the computer hard disk and the computer motherboard has been found. Don't worry.

In fact, this hard disk problem becomes more. The main reason is that the hard disk and the motherboard are connected. You can try to replace the cable connecting the motherboard and the hard disk. If this does not solve the problem, you can see whether it is the error of the setting.

2, inappropriate bios settings cause the hard disk can not be recognized by the computer

In the BIOS of the computer motherboard, the working mode of the hard disk can be set, and the types are Normal, LBA, Large, etc. If there is no setting according to the actual situation of the hard disk itself, there will be the problem and the computer can not be used in this case. You can set it according to the BIOS manual and situation of hard disk of the computer motherboard.

3, the hard disk partition has a problem that causes the computer to not recognize the hard disk

The hard disk in the computer has different partitions, and the partition is divided into the main partition and the logical partition. If there is a problem with the primary partition, it can be interpreted without being recognized by the computer. At this time, you can enter the DOS mode and enter FDISK. The /MBR command will try to recover.

So how can this unrecognized problem quickly recover important files? Let's take a look at one of the most effective methods.

Best Practice: Restore your copy using UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an all-in-one free data recovery software for different loss situation. With three simple steps, it can quickly help you recover important copy files that are lost because the disk cannot be recognized.

Now let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free tell you through the following specific steps that how to solve your troubles by retrieving important copy files for you through the following specific steps.

Step 1: Enter the format of the software to choose lost data

First of all, please open UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free, which shows the interface for selecting the format of the data.

There are two lines of icons in the interface which represent different formats. In this case, all you need to do is to select the file in the document format. Please check the second icon from the left of the first line.

When the check is done, a small circle with a check mark will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. Please click the “Next” button at the right end, as shown below.

Step 2: Select the disk where the copy is originally located.

The interface you enter at this time is the interface for disk selection. All you need to do is to select the disk where the lost data was originally located.

The copy is originally stored in the D drive. Please select the D drive. After you select it, you can see a small circle with a check mark at the far right of the name line. Click the button on the upper right, you can scan the disk, as shown below.

Intermediate process: scanning the disk

The scanning process takes a certain amount of time. The length of time is determined by the data stored on your disk. The scanning time will vary depending on the type and size of the data, as shown below.

Under normal circumstances, if in your disk memory there are about 2GB files, it takes only a few seconds to complete the entire disk scan.

There are two ways to scan the UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. One is the fast scan that is currently being performed. This method is faster, but it may not be scanned for some deep files. But you don't have to worry about it, there is a deep scan to help you solve the problem of not being able to retrieve the file, but it takes a little longer.

In general, to ensure the recovery, it is recommended that you perform a fast scan before performing a deep scan. The specific operation of the deep scan is explained in the next step.

Step 3: Choose your lost copy to recover

After the scan is completed, all the files on your D drive are listed in the left column of the interface which you can view.

At this point you need to traverse your file then find your copy and select it. Then click the "Recover" button in the top right corner, as shown below.

If you don't find your copy after the search, you don't have to worry about it. Please click the “Deep Scan” button on the upper part of the interface to re-examine more deeply. Please be patient, as shown below.

Once the deep scan is completed, find your copy. Select it and click the "Recover" button, then you can reopen your copy, as shown below.

The above is the entire operation of the entire recovery process. In just three simple operations, you can successfully recover the important copy of the unrecognized hard disk. The whole process is quite concise, any novice who are not skilled in computer operation can quickly grasp it. It doesn't matter if you haven't used the data recovery software, so you can recover it yourself.

"The problem that the computer hard disk can't be recognized really makes me annoyed. I have been trying various methods to retrieve my copy files in the past few days. I finally used UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free which successfully solved my problem and perfectly help me find the copywriting. It’s great!”

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