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I Lost Some Files On My computer After Blue Screen. Can I Retrieve Them?

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I Lost Some Files On My computer After Blue Screen. Can I Retrieve Them?

The blue screen of the computer, also known as the blue screen of death, is a screen image that is displayed by force to protect the computer system data from being destroyed when the computer operating system cannot recover from a system error. And this kind of problem often occurs after the computer reboot and some files will be lost.

“I was drinking coffee at home on the weekend afternoon to browse landscape pictures taken during last week's tour. But after the computer froze for several seconds, it suddenly turned into a blue screen. I was shocked! I thought it will be OK after reboot. But after reboot, I found that the photos I was browsing and the entire folder on the D drive disappeared! How can I retrieve them?"

Have you experienced this kind of thing? If you are looking for the solutions of the file loss after blue screen, this article is just for you. Before we solve the problem for you, let us introduce the reasons for the blue screen of the computer.

Why does the computer screen turn blue?

1. Software compatibility issues cause computer blue screen. If you have software that is not compatible with your computer system, this can happen during the run.

2. The memory bar is poorly connected or the memory is damaged, causing a blue screen.

The operation of any software in the computer and even a subtle operation requires memory. If the memory bank is damaged or the memory is damaged, the computer will not be able to perform any operation and cause a blue screen.

3. Trojan Virus causes a blue screen

If you have a virus on your computer, you may get various system errors due to virus infection. When the computer cannot recover from an error, a blue screen will appear.

After knowing about the reasons for the blue screen, let us introduce you how to recover lost files in this situation.

Solution: Use UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free to Restore Your File

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an integrated free data recovery software for different loss situations. It takes only a few simple steps to recover the lost files after a blue screen.

Now let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free show you how to retrieve the precious photos after a blue screen and solve your problems through the following steps in a easy and fast way.

Step 1: Open the software to select the file format

When you open UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free, first you can see the interface to choose the data format.

There are two lines of icons on the interface, representing different types of files. You need to check the icon representing the photos you lost. Please select the third icon from the left of the first line.

When the check is completed, a small circle with a check will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the "Next" button on the right, as shown in Figure below.

Step 2: Select the disk where the audio file was originally located

At this time, you can see the interface of selecting the disk. Next, you need to select the disk where the file you lost was originally located .

If your file was stored on the D drive, then select the D drive. After the selection, a small circle with a check mark appears at the right end of the row of the disk name. At this time, you can click the "Scan" button on the top right to scan your D drive, as shown in the Figure below.

Step 3: Scan your disk

The scanning process takes a certain amount of time. The length of time is determined by the files stored on your system disk. The more complex files will take the longer scanning time, and vice versa. This is shown in the figure below.

Normally, if your disk has about 5GB audio files, it takes only a few seconds to complete the whole scan. It won’t take you a long time.Please wait patiently.

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free offers two ways to scan. One is the fast scan that is just.performed. The advantage of this method is that it is fast and saves you a lot of time, for some deep files it may can’t work.

And the deep scan will help now. It takes a little longer but can find the deeper files that the fast scan cannot scanned out for you quickly. The specific operation of deep scan will be introduced in the next step.

If the file type on your disk is complex and large, it is recommended that you perform a quick scan and then a deep scan to maximize recovery efficiency.

Step 4: Select your lost file for recovery

After scanning, you can browse all the files on your D drive through the left column of the interface.

Now you need to browse rank by rank, then find the a file you deleted and select it. And then click the "Restore" button in the upper right corner, as shown in Figure 6.

If you can’t find the files by the fast scan, don’t worry. At this time, please click the "deep scan" button of yellow font at the top of the interface. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free will scan more deeply for you immediately. Please wait patiently again, as shown in Figure.

After the deep scan is completed, find the lost folder, select and click the "Restore" button. Then your audio has been successfully restored, as shown in the figure below.

After the above introduction, you can find back your photos after a blue screen quickly and efficiently. You do not need to be very familiar with computer operation, nor do you need the experience of data recovery. As long as you follow the tips of the software user interface, you can easily and quickly restore the files.

If you choose to use UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free, you can get the genuine software via the following link. And before you pay for it, you can download the free version provided via the link to have a try. It can restore 200MB data for you.


Above is the solution of file loss after a blue screen. You must have been able to solve the photo loss problem by yourself. If you feel that the method introduced in this article can quickly solve the problem for you, and there are friends around you who are worried about the same problem, you can tell them the solution or share the article directly.

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