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The Game Installation Package On My Computer Is Gone. Can I Get It Back?

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The Game Installation Package On My Computer Is Gone. Can I Get It Back?

When using a computer, if you need to download various software, you often need to download the installation package before you can install the software. For some large games, normally the price of the installation package is not low. If you lose such an installation package, it is really a painful thing.

"I urgently need help! Recently I was hooked on a large game, but I couldn't find the download package on the network. Finally I got the purchase channel from a friend. Because of the temporary incident, I temporarily put the installation package on the D drive. In the folder, when I open the computer again and want to install it, I found that the installation package is missing! I want to know if there is any way to recover it as soon as possible?"

I don't know if you have experienced the troubles that Mr. Virrat has encountered, but the lost installation package can be recovered anyway. And next I will give you a detailed description of the way to get back the installation package to you.

Option 1: Restore the game installation package from the previous version

This is a way to retrieve the installation package by restoring the folder where you saved the installation package file to the previous version. The specific steps are as follows.

Step 1: Click the "Start" button to enter your computer

Step 2: Locate the folder where you stored the installation package, right-click and select "Restore previous version" in the options that appear;

Step 3: A list of all previous versions of the folder will appear, where you can select the latest version containing the installation package and click Restore.

This is a relatively simple and useful method, but if you have not set this feature in advance, or if your system does not support this feature, you can't retrieve your installation package in this way. But don't be discouraged. The next method will definitely solve your problem successfully.

Option 2: Restore your installation package by UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an all-in-one free data recovery software for different loss situations. The game installation package you spend a lot of money to buy can be perfectly restored in three simple steps.

Let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free show you how it can get you back the lost game installation package by following the steps below, so that you will be no longer frustrated.

Step 1: Enter the software to choose the format of the lost data

First of all, please open the UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. The format selection interface for data appears in front of you.

There are two lines in the interface that represent the file format icons. All you need to do is to select the file in the package format. This format is not listed separately. Please check the last icon from the left of the first line to represent other formats.

When the check is done, a small circle with a check mark will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the “Next” button on the right, as shown below.

Step 2: Select the disk where the installation package was originally located.

What appears in front of you is the interface for selecting the disk. All you need to do is to select the disk where your lost installation package was originally located.

Your game installation package is stored on the D drive, then please select the D disk, after the selection, on the right side of the name line there will be a small circle with a check mark, this time you can click the Scan button on the top right to scan your D disk, as shown below.

Step 3: Scan the disk

Scanning takes a certain amount of time. The length of time is determined by the files stored on your D drive. The more complex file type and the larger file size will take the longer scanning time, as shown below.

Under normal circumstances, if in your disk memory, there is a 5GB installation package format file, you can complete all scans in a few minutes. Please wait patiently.

Step 4: Select your lost game installation package to recover

After the scan is completed, you can browse all the files on your D drive through the left side of the interface.

At this point you need to traverse the folder tree, then find your lost installation package and select it. Then click the "Recover" button in the upper right corner, as shown below.

If you don't find your installation package, you don't need to worry about it. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free provides two ways to scan. One is the fast scan that has just been performed. The advantage of this scanning method is that it is fast, but for deep files, it may not work as well.

But another kind of deep scan will help you retrieve the lost game installation package, but it takes a little longer. At this time, please click the yellow “deep scan” button on the upper of the interface, and the deep scan will be started immediately. Please wait patiently again, as shown below.

After the deep scan is completed, find the missing installation package, select and click the "Recover" button, then the game installation package that you spent a lot of money to buy will return to you intact, as shown below. (It is recommended to perform a quick scan and then a deep scan when scanning a missing installation package.)

Through the above three steps, UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free will be able to return your lost package file to you. We believe that the whole process must be very simple and easy for you, but even if you are just getting started to use computer and have never been used the data recovery software, you can also easily understand it and recover your files quickly.

So how does Mr. Viraat, who lost the game installation package, feel after using it? Please listen to what he said about it.

"My God, this data recovery software is really great! I was very frustrated. I just made every possible effort and try UnCutData Recovery. It just amazing! In a few minutes I recovered my game package, and I checked its data information and there is no damage. I am so happy!"

Download links: https://www.uncutdata.com/download.html

The above is the link to the genuine software. If you decide to use UnCutData Recovery to recover your lost files through this article, you can download it via the link. And you can try the free version first which can recover 200MB data for you.

Reference Video Demo:https://www.uncutdata.com/video-page/need-watch-videos.html

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