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I Format The Computer Without Saving An Important Video. Can I Retrieve It?

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I Format The Computer Without Saving An Important Video. Can I Retrieve It?

Sometimes the computer memory is taken up too much or if you want to re-install the system, you will format the computer. This will clear all the data in your computer.

But the problem is that there is a lot of data information in the computer. Sometimes you may miss out the important data for you due to neglect, such as an important video file. When you think of it, you become very regretful. So how can you recover the lost video?

Don't worry. There is an important thing to remind you before recovery. You can't store any data on the original disk where you put your lost video.

Important Note

Your disk is like a blackboard. The video stored on it is the text written on it. The lost video is the equivalent of the erased text, but it always leaves traces. So we can restore the lost video according to these traces. But if you have saved new data, it is equivalent to writing new text on the blackboard and the traces will be completely invisible. Even the god can't help you retrieve the lost video.

So, please pay more attention to this point, in case the video is lost completely. Next, we will introduce the most effective solution to you.

How can the lost video be retrieved after the computer has been formatted?

How can we recover the lost video? You might try downloading a data recovery software to recover lost video. This kind of software is specially designed for all kinds of data loss problems and can quickly solve your problems.

At this time, you may worry about which one is the best to use while there is a lot of software. Now, we will introduce a powerful free data recovery software to you.

Best Solution: Retrieve Lost Video by UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an integrated free data recovery software for different loss problems. It can quickly help you solve the problem of data loss caused by computer formatting.

Next let's show you how to restore video by using UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free after computer formatting. Here is a a specific example below.

Mr. Li got into trouble with his computer two days ago. Let's listen to what he said.

"My computer has been used for many years. Since last year, there often have been disfluency and crash. And the speed of processing files is not as fast as before. Recently, I want to just empty the computer and re-install the system to the latest one. As a result, I lost a 500M video file on the D disk and formatted the computer. That video really means a lot to me. What can I do about it, alas!"

Are you facing the same problem as Mr Li’s? No matter what the problem is, you needn’t worry. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free will let you away from troubles.

1. First, you need to get our software, download and install it according to the prompts. The link to get the software is shown below.


2. Then you can find the software and open it. What appears in front of you is the interface for selecting the lost data format.

The lost file is a video. Please click the second icon from the left of the second line. After the icon is selected, a small circle with a check mark will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. Now please click the "Next" button on the right.

3. At this time, you enter the disk selection interface. All you need to do is to select the disk on which you lost the video.

The lost video was originally on the D disk, so select the D disk. After selection, there will be a circle at the right end of the row of the disk name, and then you can click the scan button in the upper right corner to scan.

4. Scanning process takes a certain amount of time.The length of time depends on the size and number of videos. Normally, if there are 1G-2G video files on the disk, it will take about 1 minute to 2 minutes to complete the scanning. Please wait patiently.

5. After scanning, all the files on the D-disk are listed in the interface lists. What you need to do is to browse through all the scanned files level by level, find the video file you need to restore, align and check.

There are two ways to scan,. One is fast scanning, which takes less time. And the other is deep scanning, which takes a little longer but in a deeper way. If you haven't found your video file after scanning, please click on the yellow font "Deep Scan" at the top of the interface for deep scan.

Then you just need to click the recovery button on the right to retrieve your important video file.

Through the above simple steps, you can quickly solve your troubles and recover your lost video. The whole operation process is simple and clear. Even if you are not familiar with the computer and have never used any data recovery software before, a novice can quickly start. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free's operation steps are so simple, I believe you are smart enough to master it.

And UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free supports many types of devices, such as PC/laptop, hard disk, external disk, SSD, USB driver, microchip, camera, digital camera, music player, video player, CF/SD card, Zip Drive, pen drive and so on. It's very powerful and cost-effective.

This is the end of this operation guide. You should know how to retrieve your lost video files. If you don’t mind, please forward or share it to more people in need. Thank you.

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