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How To Retrieve The Files Accidentally Deleted On The Hard Disk When Working?

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How To Retrieve The Files Accidentally Deleted On The Hard Disk When Working?

As a common and important information storage device, mobile hard disk is very convenient and widely used in daily work and life. However, when using mobile hard disk to work at ordinary times, it will be a trouble if the file is lost due to misoperation.

"I am a white-collar worker. I usually use a lot of data files in my work. So I bought a mobile hard disk for storage. It's very convenient, but I accidentally deleted the important audio file on it. Is there any way to help me recover it?"

Mistaken deletion of important data on the mobile hard disk? If you are also suffering from this problem, please look at the following content.The next solution is just what you want.

Solution 1: Using CMD to recover files from external hard drives

Using CMD to recover data from external hard drives is actually equivalent to restoring files from formatted USB through command prompts. Next, I'll introduce the specific steps to you.

Step 1: Press the "Win + R" key or go to the search and type: cmd, click "Enter" to open the command prompt window.

Step 2: Type CHKDSK F:/ F and click Enter. (This operation replaces F with an external hard drive letter.)

Step 3: Type: Y and press Enter to continue.

Step 4: Type: F and press Enter again.

Step 5: Type F:> attrib-h-r-s/s/d*. * And press Enter.

After these operations, you can view and check all the data on the external hard drive including the files you accidentally deleted. But if the command prompt doesn't work on your computer, you don't have to worry. Look at the second method below, which can absolutely solve your problem.

Solution 2: Restore your audio by using UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an integrated free data recovery software for different loss situations. With it, you can quickly and efficiently restore the audio files that were accidentally deleted on the mobile hard disk.

Now let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free tell you how it solves your problems by taking a few simple steps to retrieve important audio files.

Step 1: Open the software to select the format of lost data

First, please open UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. The interface that appears now is the wizard data format selection interface.

On the interface, you can see two lines of icons, which represent the file format. Please read them carefully. What you need to do is to select the file in audio format. Please check the first icon from the left of the second line.

After the check, a small circle with a check will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the "Next" button on the right, as shown in Figure 3.

Step 2: Select the disk on which the audio file was originally located

At this time, you are faced to the interface of selecting the disk. Next, you need to select the disk where the audio file you deleted by mistake was originally located.

If you delete the audio file from the mobile hard disk by mistake, please select your mobile hard disk. After the selection, a small circle with a check mark will appear at the right end of the disk name row. At this time, you can click the "Scan" button on the upper right to scan your mobile hard disk, as shown in Figure 4.

Step 3: Scan the mobile hard disk

The scanning process takes a certain amount of time. The length of time depends on the files stored on your mobile hard disk. The more complex file type and the larger file size will take the longer scanning time, and vice versa. This is shown in Figure 5.

Normally, if your mobile hard disk has about 100MB audio format files, it only takes a few seconds to complete the whole scan. Please wait patiently.

Step 4: Select the audio file you deleted by mistake to restore it

After scanning, you can browse all the files on your mobile hard disk in the left column of the interface.

What you need to do at this time is to browse rank by rank, then find the audio file you deleted by mistake and select it. Click the "Recovery" button in the upper right corner, as shown in Figure 6.

If you don't find the audio file you deleted after the scan, don't worry. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free provides you with two scan modes, one is the quick scan just done. This scan mode can scan all the files for you quickly and save a lot of time, but maybe some deep files can't be scanned.

But don't worry, deep scan will help you solve the problem that you can't retrieve the files, but it takes a little longer. At this time, please click the "deep scan" button in yellow font at the top of the interface. UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free will scan your mobile hard disk in depth immediately. Please wait patiently again, as shown in Figure 7.

After the deep scan, find the audio file you deleted by mistake. Select and click the "Restore" button. Then your audio will return to you entirely, as shown in the figure below. (It is recommended that you run a quick scan to retrieve the audio files you deleted by mistake first, and then run a deep scan.)

Through the above steps, the accidentally delete audio files on the mobile hard disk return to you entirely. The whole recovery process of UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is clear and easy to understand. Even if you have no experience in using data recovery software, or you are not very skilled in the computer operation , you can also start to use it easily.

If you are just in need of it, you can get the genuine UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free via the link below. Before you pay for it, you can download the free version to have a try. The free version can restore data of 200MB for you.

Download links: https://www.uncutdata.com/download.html

This is the end of this article. I believe that after reading this article, you have mastered the method of restoring the mistakenly deleted files on the mobile hard disk. If you think this operation guide is useful, you can forward it or share it with more people in need to help them solve the problem as soon as possible.

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