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When D Disk Can't Be Opened, Can The Files Inside Be Restored?

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When D Disk Can't Be Opened, Can The Files Inside Be Restored?

When using computer, we often encounter the situation of not being able to open the disk. At the same time, none of the files stored on the disk can be opened. If you urgently need important files on the disk at this time, how to recover these files is really an irritating thing.

"Recently, I have been working on a copy of several products. I have saved them on the D disk , which has been completed. But I was informed from my superior to make some changes to it temporarily. I must submit them in the next two days. But suddenly I can't open my D disk. It really breaks me down! Can anyone help me recover the copy on this disk?”

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Please don't worry. Next, let's take the above copy as an example to show you how to recover the files you lost because the disk can't be opened.

How to recover the lost files because the disk cannot be opened?

At this time, you may first think of ways to open the disk again to solve all the problems. Then you first need to understand the reasons why your disk can not be opened and the corresponding solutions.

Cause 1: Disk damage

If your disk hardware is damaged, it must be repaired. It is recommended that you get a professional repair to your disk.

Cause 2: Malicious damage from viruses

If your disk cannot be opened because it is infected by a virus, the easiest way is to download an anti-virus software such as 360 Security Guard.

You just need to open the software and find "virus scan" on the interface, and then click "Check now" to make repairs. The virus will be killed at once, so that your disk return to normal.

In addition to anti-virus software, you can also kill the viruses manually.

Manual check of viruses

Take the above problem as an example, how to delete the viruses on the D disk.

Step 1.Hold down the Windows Key and Press R on your keyboard, type cmd in the Run command box, and then press Enter. Doing so opens a command prompt window.

Step 2. Type cd in the window.

Step 3. Type in attrib-r-h-s autorun.inf.

Step 4. Type in del autorun. inf.

Step 5. Type in d: and press the D key to enter the d: drive partition. Then repeat steps 3 and 4. Similarly, repeat step 5 on all hard disk partitions.

In this way, the virus is deleted and your D disk can be opened again.

Cause 3: Disk corruption

The disk become into RAW format due to Disk corruption or other reasons. At this time, you need to restore the files on the disk first, and then format the disk.

So how to restore the files?

Best Solution: Use UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free to Restore Your Copy

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free is an integrated free data recovery software for different loss situations. Through a few simple steps, it can quickly help you recover important files that cannot be opened due to disk problems.

Now let UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free tell you through the following specific steps how it can find important copies for you and solve your problems.

Step 1: Open the software to select the format of lost data

First, open UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. You will see the interface for selecting the format of the data.

There are two lines of icons on the interface, which represent different formats. What you need to do is to select the document format. Then please check the second icon from the left of the first line.

After checking, a small circle with a check will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, please click the "Next" button on the right,as shown in Figure 5.

Step 2: Select the disk where the copy was originally located

At this point, there is the interface for disk selection. Next, you need to select the original disk where the lost data is located.

The copy was stored on the D disk. Please select D disk. After you select it, you can see a small circle with a check mark on the right end of the disk name row. Then you can click the "Scan" button on the top right to scan the disk, as shown in Figure 6.

Step 3: Scan the disk.

The scanning process takes a certain amount of time. The length of time is determined by the data stored on your disk. It varies with the type and size of the data, as shown in Figure 7.

Normally, if your disk has about 2G files in document format, it takes only a few seconds to complete the whole scan.

UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free offers two scanning ways. One is the quick scan currently being performed, which is faster but can’t scan some deep files. But don't worry, there's another deep scan to help you solve the problem of not retrieving files. But it takes a little longer.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you run a quick scan before a deep scan. We will explain the detailed operation of deep scan in the next step.

Step 4: Select the copy you cannot open for recovery

After the scan, you can browse all the files on your D disk through the left column of the interface.

At this point, you need to browse your files level by level, then find your copy and select it. Click the "Restore" button in the upper right corner, as shown in Figure 8.

If you don't find your copy at this time, don't worry. Please click the "Deep Scan" button of the yellow font at the top of the interface. And it will scan more deeply again. Please wait patiently,as shown in Figure 9.

After the deep scan, find your copy, select and click the "Restore" button.Now you can open your file again, as shown in the figure below.

Through the simple steps above, you can open your document successfully. The whole process is simple and clear. New people who are not proficient in computer can also get started quickly, and people who have not used the data recovery software before can easily understand.

And UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free supports many types of devices, in addition to your computer, there are hard disks, external disks, microcards, CF/SD cards and so on. No matter what device you lose or documents you cannot open, it can quickly help you solve the problems, which is powerful beyond your imagination!

Below is the link to official website of UnCutData Recovery Wizard Free. If you need this software, please click to download and install it. (There's a free beta version for you.)

Through this operation guide, you must have grasped the method of retrieving important copies. If you think this article is very useful, you can also forward or share it with your relatives and friends to help more people solve problems.

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