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How to Find Back Accidentally Deleted MPG / MPEG files

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How to Find Back Accidentally Deleted MPG / MPEG files

We know that MPG is a video file. And do you know what kind of video file format it is? MPG is also known as MPEG or Motion Picture Experts Group. It includes MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. MPEG-1 is widely used in the production of VCD, and most VCD is compressed in MPEG-1 format. MPEG-2 is used in DVD production, HDTV and some highly demanding video editing and processing. MPEG-4 is a new compression algorithm. The ASF format using this algorithm can compress a 120-minute movie to a video stream of about 300 MB, which can be viewed on the Internet.

Of course, the more widely MPG files are used, there will be the more common the MPG files that are lost due to some wrong operations. Under what circumstances will MPG files be lost in your storage device?

What are the situations of lost MPG files:

1. Deleted by mistake or permanently deleted by shift+delete. This is also one of the most common file loss situations.

2. Accidental formatting of a storage device containing MPG files will result in loss of MPG videos, and formatting will causing the loss of all data on the storage device.

3. Interruptions during the file transfer process (such as the sudden removal of a memory card storing MPG files from a connected reading computer) will also cause the loss of MPG video files.

4. The storage device that saves the MPG file cannot access the MPG file stored in it because of a damaged disk or a logical error.

5. Virus attacks, file system corruption, software conflicts, etc. are other reasons for losing MPG files.

These are some of the most common MPG file loss situations. When encountering these situations, do you need to identify the cause of the loss in detail and then solve them one by one? Many users can not correctly identify the cause of MPG loss and the corresponding solution does not need to be one-to-one.

You need a way to solve the MPG file loss caused by your various incorrect operations. Do many people wonder if there is such a way? of course! Here is a way for you.

Option 2: Use UnCutData Recovery free software for recovery

UnCutData Recovery Free Software is a file recovery software suitable for the loss of files in different situations, and can recover files from various storage media such as hard disk, flash memory, external hard disk, memory card, ipod, etc. And it is compatible with both Windows / Mac operating systems. It is a typical all-in-one free data recovery software.

With this software, it will be able to help you perfectly recover MPG files lost in various situations after three simple steps.

Now let UnCutData Recovery free software show you in detail how to follow simple software step by step to get back your lost MPG files, so that you will no longer meet the disaster of lost files.

Step 1: Open the software to select the format of the lost data

First, please open the UnCutData Recovery free software, and then the format selection interface for data appears before you.

The different format icons on the page correspond to files of different formats. You need to restore files of audio type, so please click the second icon from the left of the second line.

After the alignment is completed, a small circle with a check mark will appear in the lower right corner of the icon. At this time, you can click the "Next" button at the right end, as shown below.

Step 2: Select the original location of the audio file

At this point, you have entered the selection interface for recovering the disk, that is, what you need to do is to select the disk where the lost data was originally located.

We assume that your MPG file was originally stored on the D drive, so please select your D drive. (If your MPG file is stored in a mobile storage device such as an SD card or a mobile hard disk, you can connect the mobile storage device to the computer and select the corresponding disk)

After you click, a small circle with a check mark will appear at the far right of the line of the disk name. At this time, you can click the "Scan" button on the upper right to scan your D drive, as shown below.

The scanning process takes a certain amount of time. The length of time is determined by the data stored on the scanned disk. The more data will take the longer scanning time.

After the scan is completed, you will see a prompt on the software, as shown below.

Scanning method:

UnCutData Recovery Free Software has two scanning methods for you to choose from. One of them is the quick scan that has performed now. The advantage of quick scan is that the scan speed is high and it can save you a lot of time.

Deep scanning is an advanced recovery method, which can deeply read the files in the disk and retrieve the lost files more effectively. But it takes a little longer for deep recovery. You need to wait patiently.

The operation method is also simple. Click the yellow "Deep Scan" button at the top of the interface, and the UnCutData Recovery free software will immediately perform a deep scan for you.

Under normal circumstances, if you are using a quick scan and there are about 2GB files in the disk memory, it only takes a few seconds to complete the scan. And the deep recovery may take about 15 minutes, so it is generally a quick way to scan the files.

Step 3: Select your lost files for recovery

After the disk scan is completed, you can retrieve the lost files in the vertical directory folder in the software interface.

Click the search button or open the general directory folder at the top to find and operate your lost MPG file, and then click the "Recover" button in the upper right corner, as shown below.

The operation process is as above. As long as you use the three-step simple operation steps provided by the UnCutData Recovery free software, the MPG file that you accidentally lost will come back in good condition. The wizard-style operation interface is useful enough to answer all the operation questions for you.

If you are suffering from the loss of MPG files, you can use the free software UnCutData Recovery to help you solve the problem according to the above operation process. UnCutDataRecovery free software free version supports free recovery of 200MB data.

Of course, if you have friends who have suffered this kind of loss problem, and you think the method introduced here is useful, you can forward this article or share it with them which can help them solve the problem as soon as possible.

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